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Chaplain Corps

About Chaplain Corps

The Chaplain Program began as an innovative approach to meeting several needs in our community and county.  Chaplains of all faiths work with law enforcement and fire personnel on a professional level by making themselves immediately available as trained and caring professionals who can assist in times of loss, confusion, depression, or grief to people in crisis situations.  The Chaplains provide this service not only to the citizens, but also to all department employees and their families as well.

The Chaplain Program is administered through the offices of the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, and Howard County Sheriff.  The Chaplain must be ordained or commissioned and must attend a basic Chaplain's Training Academy.

Who We Are

Chaplains are ordained/licensed clergy and trained laity who are available to serve our Public Safety Departments, Victims Services, SMMC Hospital personnel, and the families and citizens of Big Spring and Howard County.  They are called on to attend to various physical, spiritual and other related duties as assigned.

What We Do

Chaplains are appointed to be an aid to the city, county, and state departments, their families, and the citizens of Big Spring, Howard County and the surrounding area.

Our Mission

The Emergency Services Chaplains are inspired to "serve those who serve."

Who We Serve

  • The Big Spring Fire Department/EMS
  • The Scenic Mountain Medical Center
  • The Law Enforcement Agencies that serve the citizens of big Spring and Howard County
  • The Howard County Volunteer Fire department
  • Victim Services
  • The Citizens of Big Spring, Howard County, and the surrounding communities

Services We Provide

  • Family support and counseling
  • Spiritual guidance and prayer support
  • Home and hospital visits
  • Stress management counseling
  • Assisting agencies with death notifications
  • Bible presentations by agency request (over 300 given so far)

Emergency Services Chaplain Corps
P.O. Box 2069
Big Spring, TX. 79720-2069