Friday, December 09, 2016


Criminal Investigations Division

Management Philosophy

By providing sound leadership, a dynamic work environment, and an opportunity for employee growth, we believe this will ensure quality service to our community. The division incorporates teamwork and the highest level of integrity in our efforts to assist both the public and other law enforcement agencies.

We are dedicated to total quality.

The ultimate goal of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID)  is "to solve assigned offenses, the arrest and prosecution of subjects so charged and to the reduction of crime."  The Criminal Investigation Division has thirteen personnel assigned as follows:

  • Two Sergeants
  • Four Investigators
  • Five Narcotics Investigators
  • Two Street Crimes Officers

Criminal offenses which require follow up are normally assigned to investigators. A substantial number of these assigned cases are cleared by various means, such as arrest, filings with the County and District Attorneys and by exceptional means.

Investigators with the Big Spring Police Department deal with all types of crimes from misdemeanor to capital felony offense crimes against persons, as well as property crimes. CID also assists other agencies upon request with information to assist investigations or the arrest of individuals.

The criteria which determines whether a case may be assigned for follow up investigation include but are not limited to:

  • Witness information and credibility
  • Nature of the crime
  • Suspect information
  • Property identification
  • Physical evidence retrieved

Big Spring Police Department narcotics officers are assigned to work Narcotics in the city of Big Spring and in the county of Howard. These officers also work on intelligence gathering with confidential sources, including Crime Stopper information and self-initiated activity.

Two K-9 Criminal Interdiction Officers patrols the city streets as well as state and federal highways with  his partner, a canine specially trained in drug detection.

The Big Spring Police Department has two detectives assigned to Youth Street Crimes. These detectives concentrate on gang and juvenile crimes. The detectives are also associated with the Texas Gang Investigators Association.