Sunday, October 04, 2015

Animal Control

The department has an Animal Control Division that consists of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, and four Animal Control Officers. The Animal Control Officers handle over 100 animals monthly. There is an officer on duty seven (7) days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00  p.m. During those hours they maintain the Animal Control Facility at 3506 E 11th Place in Big Spring. The officers also handle complaints from the general public and issue citations for ordinance violations. These complaints are received at 432-264-2563 and only emergency calls are handled after 5:00 p.m. Along with the duties within the city the officers also respond into Howard County at the request of the Howard County Sheriff’s Department. Animal Control requests in the county have to be requested through Howard County Sheriff’s Office at 432-264-2244.

The Animal Control Lieutenant is also an advisory member of the local Animal Control Committee.  The committee meets quarterly or 4 times a year to consider problems with animals within our jurisdiction and education to the public.

The Animal Control Division has several small and large animal traps to loan to local residents. At this time residents are placed on a waiting list for the traps. When a trap becomes available the Animal Control Officer will assist in setting up and demonstrating the traps operation.

The Big Spring Animal Control has associated itself with is a national database where potential pet owners can go and see if any shelter or associate member has pets they would like to adopt. We are posting pictures of animals, which have been picked up and not claimed by the owner. We believe this will be a big boost in finding homes for our stray animals. Any person looking for a pet is encouraged to go to and check out the available pets for adoption here and in other parts of the country.

Animal Control Fees

Fees for Unaltered Animals
First time pick-up of animal - $ 30.00
Second time pick-up of animal - $ 75.00
Third time pick-up of animal - $200.00

Fees for Altered Animals
First time pick-up of animal - $15.00
Second time pick-up of animal - $55.00
Third time pick-up of anima l- $105.00

Rabies vaccinations - $ 15.00
Boarding animal - $5.00
Micro Chip Fee - $ 20.00
Quarantine animal - $50.00
City license (Spayed or Neutered) - $ 4.00
City license  Unaltered - $ 15.00