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Animal Control

The department has an Animal Control Division that consists of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, and four Animal Control Officers. The Animal Control Officers handle over 100 animals monthly. The officers also handle complaints from the general public and issue citations for ordinance violations. These complaints are received at 432-264-2372 and only emergency calls are handled after 5:00 p.m. Along with the duties within the city the officers also respond into Howard County at the request of the Howard County Sheriff’s Department. Animal Control requests in the county have to be requested through Howard County Sheriff’s Office at 432-264-2244.

The Animal Control Division has several small and large animal traps to loan to local residents. At this time residents are placed on a waiting list for the traps. When a trap becomes available the Animal Control Officer will assist in setting up and demonstrating the traps operation.




Animal Control Fees


 Fees for Unaltered Animals

First time pick-up of animal - $ 30.00
Second time pick-up of animal - $ 75.00
Third time pick-up of animal - $200.00


 Fees for Altered Animals

First time pick-up of animal - $15.00
Second time pick-up of animal - $55.00
Third time pick-up of anima l- $105.00


Other Shelter Service Fees

Rabies vaccinations - $ 15.00
Boarding animal - $5.00-Per Day
Micro Chip Fee - $ 20.00
Quarantine animal - $50.00
City license (Spayed or Neutered) - $ 4.00
City license  Unaltered - $ 15.00


Animal Shelter Volunteers

Would you like to volunteer at the Big Spring Animal Control Shelter?

First, you will need to fill out our Animal Shelter Volunteer Packet

Second,  you will need to register at VolunteerSpot

Then just schedule when you would like to come and help out!

That's it!


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Commonly Asked Questions

  • If I have an animal emergency after hours, where do I call?

Please call Big Spring/Howard County Dispatch Center at 432-264-2550.


  • Do I need a permit to sell animals in a public place, for example dogs and cats?

It is against Big Spring city ordinance to sell animals in public places.


  • If I adopt a cat or dog do I need to get it spayed or neutered?

Yes, All pets adopted from the Big Spring Animal Control Shelter MUST be spayed or neutered per state law. Failure to do so will result in a citation.


  • What can I do if I have a problem with stray cats or wildlife, for example a skunk?

Cat and wildlife live traps may be requested by contacting Animal Control at: 432-264-2372. An Animal Control Officer will then come to your location and place the live trap. When an animal is caught in the trap an Animal Control officer will again come to your location and remove the animal. 


  • How long will my dog or cat be held if it gets impounded by Animal Control?

Dogs and cats that are not identifiable (collar, microchip, etc..) will be held for 72 hours. Dogs and cats that are identifiable will also be held for 72 hours and shelter personnel will then attempt to locate the animals owner or place the animal.


  • Can I call the Animal Control Shelter to check if my dog or cat was impounded?

Yes, you can call Animimal Control at: 432-264-2372 to see if any animal matching the description of your pet have been impounded. You can also check the Big Spring Police Department website Animal Control Photo Gallery at:  (images are updated daily)

  • What can I do if I have a barking dog complaint?

Notify Animal Control of the location of the barking dog at 432-264-2372 during normal business hours or 432-264-2550 after hours. and an officer will go to that location and speak with the owners of the dog. 


  • As a resident within the city limits of Big Spring how many pets may I have?

Within the city limits you are allowed to have a total of 8 pets or more before requiring a city permit.


  • What should I do if I have a problem involving bees, insects, or rodents?

Contact a local pest control company for those type of issues.   


  • If I live outside of city limits what are the regulations for animal pets in the county?

For citizens that live outside Big Spring city limits the Animal Control Division at the Howard County Law Enforcement Center can provide you with Howard County Regulations on dogs and cats. Forsan & Coahoma will need to check with appropriate City Hall for applicable ordinances.


  • What is the procedure for adopting an animal?

Visit the City of Big Spring Animal Shelter located at 3605 E. 11th. Place between 1pm & 4pm, then bring required paperwork to the Howard County Law Enforcement Center located at 3613 W. Hwy 80 to complete the adoption process.


  • What do I need to bring with me to adopt?

The kennel number of the animal you wish to adopt and payment for the adoption.


  • Can I have livestock/chickens within city limits?

 Please refer to Chapter 3 Article 9 of the Big Spring Code Of Ordinances -Animals.


  • Can I bury my dog/cat within city limits?

All deceased animals MUST be properly disposed of as refered to in Article 5 Sec. 3-22(k) of the Big Spring Code Of Ordinances -Animals. Requests for disposal of small animals can be made by contacting the City Of Big Spring Animal Control Division.




Animal Disposition Statistics

Big Spring Animal Control--Animal Disposition Stats (2009-July 23, 2016)  
  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016  
Live Animal Counts                  
Dogs Picked Up 947 1132 1151 968 1132 857 793 525  
Dogs Dropped Off 369 439 503 433 318 326 360 192  
Cats Picked Up 840 852 865 637 784 667 646 373  
Cats Dropped Off 213 104 88 387 41 58 105 74  
Owner Release for Euthanasia                  
Dogs 273 292 269 248 272 101 190 160  
Cats 55 63 13 81 54 29 57 21  
Dogs 138 83 125 135 122 170 230 110  
Cats 17 7 26 47 18 29 73 24  
Released to Owner                  
Dogs 246 241 227 297 378 279 323 236  
Cats 28 10 13 10 10 11 11 9  
Released to Rescue                  
Dogs 22 46 78 71 284 383 644 451  
Cats 0 0 1 45 122 151 231 146  
Total Live Animals Picked Up                  
Dogs 1589 1863 1923 1649 1722 1284 1343 877  
Cats 1108 1019 966 1105 879 754 808 468  
Number Released (RTO, Rescue, Adoption)                  
Dogs 406 370 430 503 784 832 1197 797  
Cats 45 17 40 102 150 191 315 179  
Percentage Live Released                  
Dogs 25.55% 19.86% 22.36% 30.50% 45.53% 64.80% 89.13% 90.88% *includes euths for sick/injured
Cats 4.06% 1.67% 4.14% 9.23% 17.06% 25.33% 38.99% 38.25% *includes euths for sick/injured
2009-2015 Animals Picked Up                  
Dogs 12250                
Cats 7107